Need to roll out a single command to about 30 routers...

Anyone out there have a Bash script for this kind of thing?

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I'd suggest a tool called "Pancho" nicely for the kind of thing you're wanting. If you run relatively recent IOS, you can cheat the fact that Pancho really only pushes/pulls configs. Utilizing the "do (command)", you can hack it to do things like add/delete files and other things that merely working with config files prevents. You might also check out the Net::Telnet perl module. It handles error states a little better along with the overall interactive IOS environment.

Just my $.02...good luck! :-)

philbo30 wrote:

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Rancid's clogin can help.

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sal paradise


I have used CatTool's before for that kind of thing. You can batch config commands to a list of IOS devices and even backup config. Very good for managing Cisco boxes.

Give it a blast:

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