Need Quite EIGRP Redistribute Static Help

I have three static routes, but only want to redistribute the third one into EIGRP

ip route ip route ip route

how do I setup a distribute list to only redistribute the third into EIGRP?

Many thanks in advance, RWS

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access-list 2 permit access-list 2 deny any

router eigrp 100 redistribute static disribute-list 2

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Brian V

if you do not want to redistribute all the static into EIGRP then use the route-map option on the redistribute command. The route map should only allow the static that is to be reidstributed

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Also - don't forget that EIGRP will not redistribute until you configure a metric for the redistributed routes. To do this either use the 'metric' keyword after redistribute static

Or set a default redistribute metric under EIGRP with the command 'default-metric'

- Simon

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What kind of metric should I use if it's a high speed internet link?

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