Filtering route advertisements in EIGRP

Is it possible to filter route advertisements in EIGRP? I've got a situation where I'd like to use 'redistrbute static', but two of the static routes are default routes which I don't want advertised. Is there any way to filter advertisements, and if not, is there another way to get that static route advertised through EIGRP?


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For this particular situation you actually don't need filters on EIGRP itself. Instead 'redistribute static route-map MY_MAP' and following piece of config:

! Note 'le 1' below is very important ip prefix-list prefix_dflt_rt perm le 1 ! route-map MY_MAP deny 10 match ip address prefix prefix_dflt_rt route-map MY_MAP perm 20 !

This way default route won't be redistributed into EIGRP at all.

Kind regards, iLya

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