need info on MAC learning process

say i have a switch with 5 ethernet ports. i have connected PCs to each one of them. Let us assume the MAC -IDs of the corresponding PCs are as listed below PC1----00:90:DB:12:13:11( PC2----00:90:DB:12:13:12( PC3----00:90:DB:12:13:13( PC4----00:90:DB:12:13:14( PC5----00:90:DB:12:13:15( now initially,when PC2 sends a file to PC5,how does the switch come to know that PC5 is connected to port 5 ? please explain the learning process. thanks in advance

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Arnold Nipper

Presuming no communications have gone on before this...and thus ARP/ CAM tables are empty...server 2 will send a broadcast arp to FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF to ask who owns 50.15. When the switch floods the ARP to all ports in that VLAN, server 5 will respond to the ARP, and thee switch will then populate its MAC/CAM table with the MAC of server 5 on port 5. Server 2 will then send the frames with the destination IP/MAC which the switch will then forward as needed to the matching MAC/Port.

In short, the switch populates its CAM table based on the source mac of any packet (I should say frame) received on the port. The CAM table matches ports to MACs.

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