NAT question.


I have cisco 4000 series router, 2 Ethernet and 2 FastEthernet ports.

I have net connected to Fa0. This net is natted to Eth0 public IP address A.B.C.D. A.B.C.D is destination natted to (local server available from public Internet).

Moreover I have net connected to Fa1. This net is natted to Eth1 public IP address X.Y.Z.W

I would like to connect from to A.B.C.D and be redirected to

Is this possible to achieve?

Regards, Jarek

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Jarek Jarzebowski
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Wow, thatis an *old* router! I hope this isn't running in production anywhere!

I'm sure the list can correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that redirection per se is possible with NAT since NAT translates 1 IP to 1 IP or pool of IP addresses.. Usually redirection happens in L7. Now if you are using the word redirection and really mean translation, then yes, NAT is exactly that. However, I would imagine that you would have to set up some sort of policy-based routing on the router based on your conditions you listed above. Of course that all depends if you can set up policy-based routing to translate your internal IP addresses differently.

I think this is why Cisco came out with zone-based firewalls.

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Schroeder, AJ

Google for "NAT on a stick".

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