We are contemplating installation of a MARS system and would appreciate comments from anyone who has participated in one (installation). Issues that are of interest:

  1. How difficult is it to install? (The CCO marketing info implies an easy slam-dunk, but these sort of statements are not always accurate.)

  1. If multiple locations are involved, was any impact experienced on the WAN segments?

  2. If the command console (GUI interface) is performed from a remote location, is its performance good? (Does the information get presented quickly, or are screen builds/refreshes slow ... e.g., 10 or more seconds?)

  1. Can remote management be done acceptably with a laptop, or is a "muscle" desktop required for acceptable performance?

  2. And most important, does it work as expected or was there any disappointment?


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S. Gione
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  1. easy to install if you have few devices can do snmp discovery too.
  2. depends on how much logging, or what level of logging and on how many devices. if you're generating over 100 log events per second from a remote site, you probably want to think twice
  3. it's a standard (well not really, as it only works with IE) web interface with decent response times.
  4. standard laptop is fine
  5. i had a hard time generating the reports that i wanted. i never figured out how to (simply) see all events logged (in raw format) from a specific device.

my company demo'ed one from cisco for a couple weeks..i didn't have enough time to spend w/ it. but if it were as easy as they said, i wouldn't need that much time. we have not purchased it yet, but probably will b/c we have no other logging /reporting solution. if you need to generate pretty reports for management or security audits, go with this. if you want raw log data, go with something else

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