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Please help me to make myself clear that it is possible to set a soft loopback from any cisco router itself.


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scilent-project skrev:

Not entirely sure if this is what your asking but to configure loopback interface simply create it by going into configure mode and type: interface loopback0 or any other number you choose. Then configure IP addressing and other stuff as normal.

This can be done on all cisco routers, running IOS, I think.


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Thants the way we can make interface a loop back interface

Are you asking something else

SAto wrote:

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I think what you might be asking is with regard to a CSU/DSU loop back on a WIC? If so then I must derive from that your goal is to bring the network up from behind this router/interface? If so, this is not the purpose of the loopback function of this T1 controller feature. When you set it to "loopback", btw the soft command and the physical pushbutton methods do the same thing, you are looping "back" to the adjacent endpoint; usually the CO switch so that your cabling and everything between you and the far end can be tested. I hope my assumptions are close.


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