load balancing on 1811/k9

is that true that load balancing requires both wan link to have the same speed? otherwise it force the higher speed to be used like the lower seed wan link?

is there not a weight to apply against each wan link in load balance?

when I say load balancing I am talking about outgoing traffic initiated by the inside vlan, specifically those that don't have static route setup. For example, NNTP traffic is dependent on going out through the specific ISP through the respective link.

Let say news.isp0.net must go through fe0, new.isp1 must go through fe1 mail.isp0.ca must go through fe0 but when fe0 is down. mail.isp0.ca should translate to ip of mail.isp1 and go through fe1

is that possible? is the above possible and practical? SMTP.isp1

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