linksys wap54gp & vlans

I was looking at the doc's for the Linksys wap54gp and it talked about

7 ssid's and vlans. What type of switch do you need to connect this unit. I have an old cisco 2900 and have it broken down into 4 different vlans, but how do you connect them to the linksys with only 1 wan port??? Do or can you set more than 1 vlan to a port on the switch?


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gene martinez
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On the 2900XL:

interface switchport switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan 100,209,305 switchport mode trunk

Note: 2900xl systems with only 4 megabytes did not support vlans at all, except for the 2916M with appropriate software. However, some of the software versions for the 2900XL devices only supported ISL VLANs, which are not compatible with the linksys vlan.

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Walter Roberson

Thanks for all the info, I'll have a look and see what happens...

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