ISDN back-up problem

Hi, Can anyone tell me how I can detect when a router has gone to ISDN back-up (from a leased line)? Failing to spot this can potentially cost a customer a lot of extra fees. Thanks Steve

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Steve T
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show isdn status should let you know if there's any call placed at layer 3, additionally you can the status of the channels with the show interface command.

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Hi Steve,

You'll need some sort of NMS or syslog software. If you have a syslog server setup, you can have your router send syslog messages and then write a short script to parse the %ISDN-6-XXXX and %LINK-3-UPDOWN messages.

Cheers, Spencer

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Spencer Teran

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I don't know if it is around anymore but we use Syslog4NT running on a Windows 2000 server and setup to email me via our exchange server when certain ISDN events occur.

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