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I would like to test a device on a BRI line. I would like to hook up two modems back to back and inject delay up to 1.5 sec. to simulate a satellite. Can anyone recommend a device for such a test?

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Any ISDN line emulator will work for the connection, I might still have my Teltone ISDN BRI line emulator, I'd have to look, and would be willing to part with it for a fair price. As for induced latency, try I'm not sure about ISDN but they make a great LAN/WAN emulator.

I used to do a lot of ISDN BRI/PRI working for PictureTel and now do a lot of data and voice, and I can tell you that 1.5seconds latency will kill almost any application. One issue with satellites I saw at Pictel was when we added a second satellite hop the latency went over 450ms and the connection dropped.

Good luck

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