IPsec and IPv6

Hi, I've got a couple questions about using IPsec with IPv6

1) When using IPsec with an IPv4 interface, I would apply a crypto map to the IPv4 interface. Can I still to that with an IPv6 interface?

2) I see that there is a new was of IPsec protecting IPv6 traffic. This is via creating an IPsec tunnel and applying an ipsec profile to it. Does this method coexist with applying a crypto map to an IPv6 interface?

3) What does creating an IPsec tunnel and applying an Ipsec profile to it get you beyond what you get by applying a crypto map to an interface?

4) Can an IPv6 interface with an crypto map applied to it interoperate with an IPsec tunnel with an ipsec profile applied to it?

Is there any documentation/configurations on this?

Thanks, Jim

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