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I am not aware whether the question I am asking relates to this forum or not.

I am working in a Consumer goods production industry where IT is a small department. Here we have Cisco 2811 router and Cisco ASA Firewall and Client Computers around 200. for accessing and working on our Application Server mySAP ERP ECC5.0 with private static ip series from [From to assigned & some ips in this range left free future servers expansions]

Like wise we have another set of computers around 79 which are presently not in the same above network. They are purely being used for internetnet only from private static ip's 192.0.


Now we are going to merge both networks for that I may face static ips problem. Which IP series I need to assign my clients those who are going to merge with existing series clients network. Shall I use series for those who are newly being added to the existing series network. If so does the new ip series can access Internet as well as my Application Servers which are on series ? What IPs shall I give the Internet Sared Gateway PC which has presetnly IP in series ? Shall I give 2 IP Addresses for the same NIC in Internet Gateway PC with 2 series IP address i.e. & ? If so those who are in series and seris both network people can get Internet ?

Can any one please guide me how to assign different ips without getting any problem to my clients for accessing my application servers and internet.

Thanks in advance


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