Ip helper-address and pxe-client

Hello, we have got the problem:

we have a cat.4506 just as layer 2 access-switch with a trunk to a c6513, which has a hsrp router interface with two ip helper-address entries.

The pxe client is not able to get an ip from the dhcp server. In Windows you directly get an ip without any problems. The pxe-client gets a timeout.

In a trace we made on the interface of the server we see, that the server sends an offer directed to the client, but this offer is not processed by the router and seems to be dropped.

Does anyone know, how ios handles two ip helper entries and what happens to replies of servers when they arrive at the router interface?



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Requests are forwarded to both helper addresses.

Generally they are broadcast on the appropriate interface so the client gets the response.

The interface configuration, debug ip udp, and debug ip dhcp server pactket from the router would be useful.

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Martin Gallagher

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