Hardware-address AND client-identifier


i'am using a dhcp server in a cisco 2610. That works good. Now a have some static dhcp addresses as pools manualy defined. That works, too.

For Microsoft windows clients i've defined the pool with the client-itentifier. For all other clients, with the hardware-address.

But with some PXE devices a have a problem. That are windows clients and use PXE. When i define the client-identifier, windows get the correct ip address, but the PXE use an ip address from the dynamic pool. When i define the hardware-address, windows use a dynamic ip address.

What can i do? I want an static dhcp entry for the microsoft client (XPe) and for PXE on the same maschine and nic (one hardware-address), that use the same ip address!


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Hoffmann-Vetter, Martin
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