IOS as a PPTP server limits?

I've configured VPDN for PPTP on a Cisco router before and it works well as a Microsoft PPTP server, either for local authentication or to a Radius server. It makes a decent replacement to a real NT server for PPTP access in my limited trial.

However, I have not load tested it. With just a single user session, I managed to make the CPU on a 1751 router go to 50% and on a 3725 router, it hit 16% when moving about a T1 of bandwidth. That doesn't lead me to believe it will scale very well.

Has anyone had any success with 50 or 100 PPTP users on a Cisco router, of any model or size?

Thanks, Bob

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I suspect that the encryption is taking up all the CPU.

You can get hardware based VPN/encryption modules (depending on the router) that should greatly increase the number of connections you can handle.

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These modules (AIM, or on board integrated) works with IPSec encryption, but MPPE is processed by software. I have 2811 with AIM-VPN module with both EasyVPN and PPTP servers enabled, but counters for crypto engine accelerator don't counting packets for MPPE, only for IPSec traffic.

B.R. Igor

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