Pix 506e as PPTP server

I haven't setup a PIX as a VPN server before. Hope to setup PPTP

I have found a sample config to follow, just some extra questions.

Is there any special licensing I need for VPN connections. I take it the device handles up to 25 clients without any extra licensing burdens.

I can just use windows default PPTP connection wizard, dont need the cisco vpn client?

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Mr Moo
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No. There are only two different licenses available for the

506E: one with 3DES (and AES for 6.3+) support, and the other without. And there is no cost for the 3DES/AES license: whether you can get it or not is determined by legal formalities.

Every other model of PIX 5xx (other than the 506 non-E) has additional licensing options, but not the 506/506E.

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Walter Roberson

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