internetwork mpls and frame-Relay from different carrier

Hi, we are using FR on a hub and spoke topology. We are adding a new site and planning to use mpls on the new site. My question is it is possible to internetwork the mpls on the new site with our FR network. The mpls carrier is different from our frame-Relay carrier. Thanks..

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You may wish to investigate the AT&T MPLS Presentation:

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as well as the AT&T White Paper:

Making the Transition to MPLS

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Brad Reese

2007 Cisco Salary Rates
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Some carriers support interworking between the 2.

The mpls carrier

if the 2 carriers have an interconnect, and if they support the right sets of interconnections (both of which dont seem to be all that common).

The worst case is you run the 2 separate networks into 1 of your sites - although at least then the 2 carriers cannot blame each other for a fault :)

FWIW it is usually a real good idea to sort this out before you choose the new carrier.

the interconnect or 2nd line at 1 of your sites may well throw away any advantages to the new site link.

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