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Instead of: frame-relay map 30 broadcast

shouldn't it be : frame-relay map 42 broadcast ??

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Nope cause arn't DLCI only local so u dont care what the DLCI is on the remote side

the map statment is to map a layer 3 address to a layer 2 address, so u put the remote router (r1) ip address not (R3)

Basic ur telling the router to get to this layer 3 address go out via this layer 2 address.

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Chris O'Shea



Look VERY carefully at the IP addresses configured. I'll put a few blank lines so you may be in with a chance to see if that is enough for you to work it out yourself.

A few more.

A few more.

Right I'll just put the relevant command in. What I put here may not be enough for the interface to work correctly.

int s0/0 ip address fram map ip 30 br

The two addresses are the same. *either* we have the wrong address configured on our interface, or more likely the remote end should be in the map statement - we have mapped our own IP address to the DLCI.

Assuming we only have the two routers, and R1 should be .1 what we may want in the real world is:

R1: int s0/0 ip address fram map ip 42 br fram map ip 42 br

R3: int s0/0 ip address fram map ip 30 br fram map ip 30 br

What that should then do is allow us to ping our own interface as well.


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