Internet access for remote site over dedicated T1 line w/ Cisco 1720s

Please Please Please help!!!!!

Site A has a Dedicated T1 Point-to-Point with Site B using cisco 1720 routers. Site A also has a cisco 2501 router for internet access. Site A can get to the internet. I want site be to be able to use Site A's connection to the internet through the dedicated T1. Check the specs and tell me what I'm doing wrong:

Site A: cisco 1720- WAN Serial0= LAN Ethernet=

cisco 2501- LAN ethernet=

Site B: cisco 1720- WAN Serial0= LAN ethernet=

Now here's the real treachery. My SIte B router can only see (ping)the Site A cisco 1720. My Site B clients, though can ping and see any clients in site A but not the 2501 router in Site A. I've already changed the default route to all possible options...Nothing. All my traceroutes from Site B router stop at My firewall has given free roaming privileges to Site B (the 10... and 192...)...Still nothing. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing a protocol? something not enabled? If more info is needed please let me know. I'm drowning here. I have decent working knowledge of networks but my cisco router configuring is still young. Please, explain like I'm slow. Thanks in advance

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first are you using any dynamic routing protocol like rip,ospf anything ?

If not and you dont intend to then try this on site a 2501 configure a static route ip route

next configure on site B ip route

on the b site use as your default gateway.

what i think is happening is that may be the 2501 router does not know how to get to site b . in other words 2501 does not have a route to site b. you can confirm this by looking at your routing table command is show ip route so i put a static route on 2501 to send all the traffic to site b to the 1720 at site A

next on B site i put a default route to site a and asked the router on site B to send all traffic to site A . once the traffic comes to site A it should be ok.

There still remains lot of questions un answered . do you have nat configured but we can get to that after you try this please if possible try to do this after office hours and also post your running configs .

thanks should work i think

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