Analog T1 line vs. Digital T1 line

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1.544 megabits per second. Cost varies all over the map, depending on termination (ISP), distance, class of service, etc. $800/month is a number that sticks in my head, though I've seen it for much less, and as high as $9K/month.

Fractional T1 service can give you some number of 56 kilobit channels, but can be _more_ expensive than full T1 service. 8*}

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William P.N. Smith

I thought all T1's were digital? Wouldn't an "analog T1" just be 24 POTS lines?

Cost will be all over the board. Where are you located?

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Jonathan Roberts

Naah... T-1s carry all kinda data, including NTSC video, and such lines IIRC are oft do described. Don't know if they're useful for VOIP telephony, though.

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There is no such thing as an "analog T1" as someone else already pointed out. A T1 also has 24 voice channels, not 23, ISDN PRI only has

23 because one is lost for D channel signalling.

See above.

You really haven't given anyone near enough information about what you're trying to do, what market you are in (the pricing is likely to vary based on where you are), etc... so how do expect accurate answers?

Why are you posting in the voip newsgroup? Is it related or you're not even sure about that?

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