Interesting ping problem

I have a printer at a remote site with IP that printer is connected to a 4006 switch on VLAN 216. That switch runs across a gigaman circuit trunking vlan 216 back to another 4006 at my central site. The 4006 at the central site is dual homed via 1/1 and 1/2 to 2 core switches with MSFC2's and HSRP addressing for vlan 216. Both cores can ping any address on the 172.16.15.x network. Only one of the cores can ping Has anybody ever ran into anything odd like that? Only a single host is having this problem.

Network setup

Printer---> 4006(remote)--->4006(central)-->6509 6513

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Sometimes, this can be an incorrectly set subnet mask (on the printer). Or, the printer has an incorrect default route (if it has one at all).

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Phillip Remaker

also could be an arp issue, have you cleared the arp tables on all the kit ?


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