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I have two sites connected over an MPLS network. The main telephony (Avaya) switch is in SiteA. The remote SiteB has 2 x 50 user offices (Office1 & Office2) with a local telephony server. This site has Cisco POE switches. I want to have two data VLANs for each of the offices (say VLAN10 & VLAN20). All 100 IP phones should be on the same voice VLAN (say VLAN220). Is this setup correct:

switches for 50 user Office1 have data VLAN 10 and Voice VLAN 220; trunking port has native VLAN10 and allowed VLAN220

switches for 50 user Office2 have data VLAN 20 and Voice VLAN 220; trunking port has native VLAN20 and allowed VLAN220

Thanks, Ned

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Each site needs to have its own data and voice VLANs. You don't want to bridge traffic over an MPLS circuit (especially voice traffic) and bridging and routing over the same link is pretty messy. Just setup routing between the two, and enable QoS. You will probably need "gold" CAR on your MPLS circuit, and make sure your voice traffic is marked in accordance with your vendors requirements for "gold" CAR.

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