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I'm pretty new to the world of BGP. I have two main routers as a small ISP, each with a connection to an upstream carrier. I'm using address space provided by one of those carriers and the two main routers are on different subnets. All appears well with the eBGP configuration with each router to the upstream carrier. An iBGP session is established between my two routers, but I'm confused about the iBGP.

Say I have a client at and I've assigned him address space such as Previously I would add a route the main router which serves as that client's gateway such as:

ip route

On my other main router, so that the client subnet was reachable from there too, I would add:

ip route

This has always worked and continues to work. My question is, now that the iBGP session is established, shouldn't a static route on one router automatically propagate over to the other router so that I don't have to add a static route to the second router? I have no prefix-lists in place over the iBGP session. I guess I was expecting that all of one routers static routes would propagate over to the other router. If that's not the case, how do I control that?

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You need a "redistribute static" statement in your BGP configuration to tell it to propagate all the static routes through BGP.

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Barry Margolin

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