Our New Classified Advertisements Area

Starting officially on December 1, but open now for you to review and make postings in at no charge are the TELECOM Digest Classifieds, also known as Operator Pat's Bulletin Board.

You'll find it at

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You can post or respond to telecom-related postings by others relating to items for sale, (want to buy) and/or Help Wanted (and Looking for Work). It works like any other newspaper classified ads section and it is free until December 1, then a voluntary donation will be requested of 25 cents per word/month, using the PayPal logo. Feel free to buy/sell/seek employment in this new section each day. You control how long the ad stays up, just like with newspapers. If the item is sold or no longer available, please use the provision to erase it.

This has changed! I posted it earlier saying one dollar per line then a user pointed out that the number of lines you type in will vary from one editor program to another. But based on the columns formatted in the classified section and the type font, it appears three to five words per 'line' is likely.

I hope this will be a useful feature.


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