HSRP Question : a bit complicated

Hello All,

I have hsrp configured on 2 routers (each of which has 4 Fast Ethernet interfaces). I have 4 hsrp groups configured and it works as expected.

I also have each interface tracking the state of the other 3 interfaces. Now if one interface (FE0/0) on Router1 fails the router2 interface (FE0/0) takes over as the active interface. However since Router2 is standby mode for other interfaces the packet just gets dropped !

So either

  1. I want to switch all interfaces to the the other router. Is there any way to do this ?

  1. What if I connect a cross-over cable between the 5th interface on each routers. Then will my routing work automatically ?

Thanks for your help.


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This statement does not make sense in this context. Either something is going on here that you have not disclosed or you are not using HSRP properly.

If the routers are communicating over the other three interfaces, why switch? Sounds like you have a problem with your routers routing.

Since your "problems" don't compute to begin with, no way to opine on this alternative. If correctly configured, your routing should work automatically with the four interfaces you are currently using.

You're welcome.

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Vincent C Jones

It sounds like you're already doing that. By having each interface track all the other interfaces, when one interface goes down the router should go into standby mode for all its interfaces.

Are you sure that the interface is actually going down? If the problem occurs on the switch that the interface is connected to, rather than the NIC failing on the router itself, it won't go down and tracking won't do anything. The other router will take over for that interface because the keepalives stop.

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Barry Margolin

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