How to get a report of VPN connections on a PIX

My PIX 515E (running 6.5.4) is currently used to authenticate different VPN connections from users running Cisco VPN Clients. I would like to get a report of the users who connect to the PIX every day. My idea was to monitor the syslog and send an alert when a specific string appears in the log (using kiwi syslog alert function) I checked the syslog but I only found information regarding

ISAKMP session connected ISAKMP Phase 1 SA created sa created

with no info regarding the group used to connect. This is not useful

How can I get the correct information in the syslog so I can recognize which user connected?

Otherwise, have you a better idea to get this kind of daily report?


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You're probably better off looking into the 'accounting' part of AAA, see:

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Should be quite easy to setup, we use FreeRADIUS running on Debian Linux to provide authentication/accounting for vpn clients. (Though they are terminated on an IOS router, not a PIX/ASA)

Hope that helps.

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