Hot Swapable 7206?

Are the cards in a 7206 hot swappable? We need to add an ethernet card but don't really want to power it off. Can we add the card while the router is on and running?


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Hi Matthew,

You may want to investigate the Cisco 7206 Online Insertion and Removal Guide:

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Hope this helps.

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yepp - this works. We have quite a number of 72xx running and we're hot-plugging and removing cards all the time. Works fine. In **very rare** cases I have observed that the new card is not recognized (but after removing it and plugging it again it worked). What is more annoying is that there are different flavours of the 72xx, VXR and non-VXR chassis, different NPEs and I/O-Controllers and I have had several cases where a card was simply not supported (chassis too new, too old etc...) in such a case you'll get a log message explaining what went on.

Regards, Axel

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Axel Gärtner

On the 7206 only the processor card is not hot swappable. The port adapters are. From the Cisco docs.


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