good DHCP server for CISCO hardware

I'm looking for free/commercial DHCP server for Windows 2000 good working with CISCO hardware: APs, switchs, WLCs

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Why would you want to do that? A Cisco router can function as a DHCP server.


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Fred Atkinson

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There is also of course Windows Server.

Oh and tftpd32.exe

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Yes I know it looks like a tftp server but it sadly does dhcp too. Sadly since I would prefer a no-bells-or-whistles tftp server:) Tftp server works very well indeed, no idea about dhcp one.

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You can disable DHCP and Syslog Server in tftpd32 :-) I agree that should be the default.

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Uli Link

W dniu 2010-08-18 15:46, Uli Link pisze:

Yes, thanks.

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I usually make a point of using an old release that simply has no dhcp server. The author conveniently makes old releases available on the web site.

Still a nice piece of software. Very lightweight compared to much modern code:) Most importantly, just a simple .exe, no "installation" nonsense where none is needed:-)

I have at lease once screwed up (in a minor way) by failing to turn off the dhcp server.

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