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I try to find software for use with my cisco switchs, i need to manage 250 switchs by web acces, i just need to send by web accesse on telnet, 1 or 2 comand like show interface.

I think about an looking glass software, but i don't find one compatible with switch. do you know something like that ?

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Nico Almont
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Well, web access isn't going to work too well unless you write your own code and display it back in a web page.

How about something like pssh? Feed in the same command, it'll go and connect to every host in the list and do the same command on each?

Or use 'clogin' out of the RANCID package to do a small script around that for doing what you want?

(I even long long ago did a private web page that launched clogin to the right router and issued some routing change commands that were needed in the middle of the night. Probably not the most secure thing, but the command list was fixed, no data input from the web side).

Probalby the most preferred way would be to use SNMP to get the data you out of each switch and display that for what you want to do.

You are a little short on details as to what exactly you want to get out of the switches.

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Doug McIntyre

A web server is include on IOS switches. You just need to turn it on. Then you can send your queries through http.

You didn't specify what if this is IOS and what version. I've found this to be a useful tool for certain things and have written automated scripts for when it wasn't feasible to use snmp. It may suit your need. You may need to filter the http header and other data you don't want to display, but it a fairly simple process.

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"Some newer Catalyst switch models (with recent versions of the Cisco IOS) also allow configuration via web-based graphical interface module which is hosted on a HTTP server located on the switch. The IOS config-mode command 'ip http-server' will enable this style of configuration. In series 12.x IOS, 'ip http-server' is always on as a factory default. The Catalyst

3750-series of switches is an example of a Cisco Catalyst switch that allows this style of GUI configuration via HTTP."
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RANCID comes with a looking-glass CGI script called lg.cgi.

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Cisco Network Assistant

is free

do you know?

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