Expandin Subnet on Cisco 3550 Layer 3 Switch

I have a Cisco model 3550 layer 3 switch. I am presently only using the

default VLAN1. I have addressed the vlan1 interface with the IP, > I am trying to expand this subnet to include another > 255 IP's. > > I am dong this by using the network address, which would > include all 230.x and 231.x addresses. The only change I made to the > 3550 is to change the existing mask on the VLAN1 interface to > using the same IP address stated above. All network > devices whether they have a 230.x or a 231.x IP, all have the 23 bit > mask. > > > > These are my symptoms: > > > > If I have devices with a 170.88.230.x address, they will drop > connections to those devices with a 170.88.231.x address, and vice > versa. These connections will randomly reconnect and disconnect > whenever. This symtom renders my LAN inoperable as it causes very high > utilization on the 3550's cpu. As long as the 230.x's are talking to > 230.x's and the 231.x's are talking to 231.x's everything is fine. They > just won't stay connected to each other. > > > > Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. > > > > Thanks, > > > > Steve > > > >
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