Errpr 412: Connection terminated

Hi there,

I am using a service provider called Bulldog broadband in the UK to connect to my office. Unfortunately, when I try and connect to the office VPN using Cisco VPN client v4.6.00.0049 it throws the 412 error that Secure Connection terminated locally by the client. The remote peer is no longer responding.

Now if I try and ping the office IP address from the command line, it does not recognise that IP address. But I am told that countless of colleagues use the same IP address to connect from home.

I use a 3Com OfficeConnect 11g adsl wireless modem router/firewall, it is firewall and NAT enabled.

The VPN client is configured to use Group Authentication along with IPSec/UDP with transperant tunneling.

Not sure where the problem is.

Any idea?

thanks, Lalit

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Have you got something like PGP installed with the VPN option? This sounds suspiciously like a similair problem to which i had. I had to uninstall PGP, install the client and then install PGP minus the VPN option.

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Are you using Windows XP firewall ?

Did you add the Cisco VPN client as an exception ?

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thank you for the replies. I resolved the problems. My router/firewall was blocking UDP ports 500 and 62515 required for cisco vpn client. It worked.

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