Enabling QoS on 2600 or 1750 for voice over IPSec

We have several SOHO users that use 7940 phones behind 831/871 routers at their homes. They connect to our HQ via an IPSec VPN connection to our network, over their cable or DSL. The problem is with QoS -- they're having more and more trouble with callers not hearing them.

With the help of TAC we've implemented shaping and ip precedence on their 831/871 routers, but, we also need to setup our 2600 router (we also have a backup 1750) to recognize the precedence bits and act on them. I've found a few guides but nothing that really hits the nail on the head. (fyi the VPN tunnels terminate to a 3000 concentrator, which is behind the perimeter router and an ASA 5510 (firewall only)).

Thank you for any advice -- MJ

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Hi MJ,

You may wish to investigate Cisco's Recognizing and Categorizing Symptoms of Voice Quality Problems:

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Hope this helps.

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