QoS or CoS?

here's what i need:

prioritize traffic over a 100Mbps metropolitan area network -- give things running over particular ports & between particular machines higher priority over others. Is 'class of service' what's relevant here? It's my understanding QoS is more geared towards telephony & multimedia. My application is for a) ensuring that data that's supposed to get written to two servers simultaneously gets to both, and for b) database replication. Obviously I want it all to happen, but my goal is that if the 100Mbps link gets saturated, that certain traffic takes priority.

thanks for any insight!

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Sort of the same thing... Qos consists of classifying and queuing packets based on certain rules to make sure that traffic gets shaped how you want it. Cos is classification of the packets, which is only half the equation - you still need to queue it based on those classifications. Qos is most widely used in IPT/multimedia environments since that is where the biggest need is, but it can apply to any type of traffic.

Qos is a complicated animal, but not too bad once you get the hang of it. I'd suggest either getting some good books if you feel comfortable going that route, or a good consultant to get you started with your first couple configs. Or, perhaps, both books and a consultant.

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