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Hi, can someone explain me the differnces between a PIX and an ASA, especial a PIX 515E/R and an ASA 5510 plus. I understand, that the ASA has the full functionality of a PIX plus SSL-Gateway and the option of installing SSMs. I have the problem to combine and expand our PIX based network with a watchguard and soho-router based network. In the first step i will replace the 2port Watchguard on the other mainoffice with a PIX or ASA with minimal 3 NICs to implement among other things a DMZ, site-to-site VPN and the possibility for the use of the Cisco VPN-Client. If I understand the description of the ASA, I can solve it with the ASA in the same way as with a PIX and the implementation and funktion of the PIX OS 7.1x should be the same on both machines for this need. Is this correct, or can i run into trouble ? If i see the pricedifference between a PIX and an ASA, i would prefer an ASA ( i have a not verified offer where the ASA5510 plus is cheaper than a PIX 515E/R, and on the ASA i have 5 ports)

hope someone can give me more information bye Christoph

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Christoph Hanle
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Hi Christoph,

The Cisco Pix is considered old technology, and though it has not been end-of-life'd, it is not actively being pushed as their recommended solution.

This is because today organizations are faced by what are called blended threats that can only be addressed with multi-functional type technology provided by the ASA series solution.

You will also find that a PIX cost MORE than the better ASA technology solution - this is an incentive to move toward ASA.

The user can enable or disable what technology they do not want to use

- though they should use them all.

Andrew R. Reese, Security Expert

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Hope this helps.


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