DHCP Address to 871W Public Interface - ACL Help

I have a Cisco 871W, and I need help correctly creating an ACL that will allow for the public-facing interface (fa4) to receive an IP from my ISP.

With no ACL, I get an IP address with no issue. With an ACL that actually does something (allowing some web and TS traffic), I will not get a DHCP address (the implicit deny at the end).

I have tried permitting all traffic from the DHCP server (it uses a private IP of, but still no DHCP. I tried permitting all traffic from any source to ports 546 and 547, but again with no success.

I can end my ACL with a permit all UDP, and I get an IP address via DHCP, but of course I don't want to allow this.

My guess is that the second part of the DHCP process, where the DHCP server sends the client an IP address but still using the broadcast address, it where the problem is. I am not sure how to work around this.

Thanks for your help.


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Figured it out -

For what it's worth, here's what I did. Rather than rely on the implicit deny at the end of the ACL, I created a "deny udp any any log" rule, and then looked to see what was being blocked. This is how I found out the IP of the router in the depths of my ISP that was forwarding the DHCP packets (totally forgot that since the DHCP packet was going to be sent to, that it would have to be forwarded by a router there). I permitted incoming from that router to, and all is well.


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I permitted incoming from that router to

Good job, tom. The last thing you would think that Cisco would do is block outside broadcasts when you have set up a PPPOE connection.

I'm actually still having problems, but some of it could be Sprint's latency around here, and the fact that I have a DSL modem circa 1845 (they're shipping a new one).

I've blown away all of the settings for incoming and outgoing and still can't get a DHCP on that external dialer0 interface. I have a CCIE sitting next to me that is mystified as well.

Silly Cisco... GUI is for kids!

Can you post your successful running config for me?

Much thanks, Alan

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