DFM (Device Fault Manager) sending out too many pages

CiscoWorks DFM (Device Fault Manager) is sending out too many pages for even very insignificant stuff... i.e.: Informational Alarms, simple warnings. Further it's reporting "Duplicate Alerts" for our VLAN interfaces (they all have different IPs but same DNS entry).

This DFM has been a headache since day 1, but they're committed to using it here.

I have attempted to do the following:

1) Create an Event Set 2) Select only those events I want... i.e.: I have UNCHECKED MinorAlarm, MajorAlarm, and InformAlam 3) Applied Event Set 4) Went to Notification Group, added a Group 4.1) Selected the "Device Type Groups" checkbox 4.2) Selected "Alert Severity" of Critical 4.3) Selected "Alert Status" of Active 4.4) Selected "Event Selection" Event Set "B" 4.5) Selected "Event Severity" of Critical 4.6) Selected "Event Status" of Active 5) Saved Notification Group and saw the applicable devices 6) Clicked on "Email Notification"; filled it out by selecting the appropriate notification set.

However, I STILL get MinorAlarm alerts, and Major and Inform alarm alerts.



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DFM is works that way.

It normally sees devices individually and doesn't take the connection between devices into consideration.

If you do not want to get duplicate alarms, try managing one interface of the link in DFM.


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