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Hi Group,

I read a lot about Network Design. But right now I'm a bit confused what is the 'right' way...

Assume I would like to re-design a network with two core/distribution (6509 SUP2 and 6506 SUP2) switches (there is no distribution level) an about 50 access switche (3550, 2950..)

Actual the CATs are running CatOS and have only L2 etherchannel between them. First I would like to upgrade to IOS and I should add an 10GB Link (Channel) two a datacenter Switch. Is it ok to run this with a SUP2 or should I upgrade to SUP720 ? Also I want to design a L3 Link with EIGRP or OSPF between the two cores for redundanz. They should act as the default GW with HSRP . So what I need is to discuss with our customer and he ask me shoud he need a SUP720 ? what is the advantage over SUP2 ?

Any comments ..?



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I would be surprised if 10G linecard was supported on Sup2. (Maybe though - with fabric modules).

WS-X6502-10GE is OK on sup2.

This is a complex device and you should get experienced help. It would be very easy to make a costly mistake.

The key difference between sup720 and sup2 is that the 720 supports the dual fabric line cards (720Gbps) and the sup2 needs (If I recall Correctly) Fabric Line cards to support fabric enabled modules.

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linecard was supported on Sup2.

as I understand this product is EOL and user should upgrade to Sup720+WS-X6704-10GE+XENPAK because this provides a lower cost right now what you also mean...if I need 10GB the best way is to upgrade to SUP720....

thanks for this information...this is also very important for me...


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nope - "cheap" 10G modules are 6704, and possibly the Sup32 with 10G uplinks (depends how many ports you want / need).

i think you would need a fabric module to go with your Sup2 to get reasonable performance out of this - it may be cheaper and much more flexible to go to Sup720 where you can add more 10G modules.

Note you may also need to upgrade the fan tray, and you need at least 2500W power supplies.

Also 6502 isnt in the Cat 6509 modules on the Cisco config tool - so probably end of life...

bit more complicated than that (gospel according to Cisco :) )

6502 and other 65xx modules need at minimum the Sup2 + fabric to go faster than the backplane bus with 8 Gbps link to the fabric per tap (2 on this module, and the bus speed depends on what you have fitted, but 1 * 10G is a good fraction of the total capacity). 67xx modules need a Sup720 and get a 20 Gbps fabric tap. Sup 720 is also backwards compatible with 65xx modules.

Next - if you want to route at these speeds rather than L2 bridge, you may need DFC daughtercards on individual line cards to offload the central MSFC

Finally it doesnt do much good to get 20 or 40 Gbps into the box, and then have the thing choke at the other cards - which depends on what you have.

Given how much change this implies it may be "better" to get 2 new Cat

6509Es with all the new bits you need, and migrate your current core boxes to somewhere else where you need lots of ports?

Or you may be able to trade them in - the cisco web site can give you (or your reseller) some guesses on value.

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thanks for your detailed explanation..

and possibly the Sup32 with 10G uplinks

with your Sup2 to get

between two distribution and maybe also to the the best choice is the

trade them in...and buy two new 65xx with SUP720 and the linecards we need...



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