Design Question.

Hello All, Right now , I am trying to setup a WAN / LAN connection for my company. We will setup a 2811 on the border with a firewall and a SMTP gateway behind it.

2811 - > Firewall -> SMTP Gateway Security Appliance -> Switch -> LAN

To find an economic solution for both our internet access and WAN problem, My ISP suggested me for setting up a 2048Kpbs - G.SHDSL solution with 5 channels.

1 channel for our net access 1024KB (16 PVC's - (16 x 64Kbps)) and the remaining 16 PVC's through VPN for our 4 branch offices with 256Kbps..(4 x 64Kbps) and they also told me that we can make these PVC's end on an internal router. I am thinking an 2600 for that.

Is it possible to do so? I mean, I want the our WAN routing packets to checked with our SMTP gateway, then where should I put the ending

2600. After the SMTP Appliance? Or after 2811, with a connection to the switch.. so the routing will be ?

Internet -> 2811 -> Firewall -> SMTP Gateway -> 2600 (For Wan Routing)

-> 2811 (WAN, branch offices)

Any ideas? Best Regards, Ras

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