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I received a review question which I'm not sure about because something seems to be missing.

5 * Catalyst 2500 with 2 ports for fast ethernet 2 * Catalyst 3500 (nothing is known about exact module)

I want five different vlans to communicate with a switch that is connected to two servers. I suppose each vlan (office branch) would have a switch which connects the hosts for that branch, and all 5 switches would connect to a switch which can allow them to communicate with the servers and the servers can communicate with them. The office vlans however cannot communicate with eachother. So five vlans, each can communicate with the server vlan, but not with eachother. I assume i'd use the 3500 to interface between the five vlans and the servers but as far as I can tell 3500 is not a MLS which would allow internal processing to route the vlan messages. I remind you that i don't have a router so i have no way of using a router to make the vlans communicate with eachother. How would I deal with this routing problem? Any network design ideas?

Thanks alot for your time and effort :)

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Cisco Catalyst 3500XL series has IOS capable of routing please confirm IOS.

It will solve all the problems. As you have two 3550 series switches you can use one as a Internet Backbone and second one as VLan Server. And configure 2550 series switches as clients.Vlan routing can be done on Vlan database server Go through the following diagram:

Internet--->3550(PAT/Routing)-->3550(VlanDatabase)--->5Servers and-->

2550 Switches

Problem Resolved.

Thanks, Chetan Kamra

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I worked with the catalyst and using "show module" hasn't displayed the module so i can find the RSM. There is no need for an internet backbone this is just a private network. The five groups can communicate with the servers and vica versa but not with eachother, I looked for a way to route vlan traffic in the 3500 series but i couldn't find anything to explain how it is done. For the 5000 there is the possibility to make a session with the routing module and work through there, but nothing of that sort for the 3500. Could you please instruct me how this is done?

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Do you know how to create Vlans on 3550 Switch?

IF yes then go throuh the following steps: Step1>> Create 7 Vlans on One 3550 switch,Give switch a VTP domain name (E.g. TEST) and VTP status server

Step2>> Designate all the other switches as VTP client in TEST domain

Step 3>> Give each Vlan a private ip address range (E.g VLAN1== Vlan) VLAN2== VLAN3== VLAN4== VLAN5== VLAN6== VLAN7==

Step 4>> Keep VLan 1 and 2 with u and assigne all other to diffrent groups

Step 5>>Assign Vlan 2 to Servers

Step 6>>Create an access-list which permits only

Step 7>> Define that accesslist on Vlan 3,4,5,6,7 OUT

By this all groups can access servers but no one can access each other

Thanks, Chetan

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The original poster said "3500" not "3550". The 3500XL series has completely different features than the 3550.

All of the following are EOS:

3548XL 3524 PWR XL 3524 XL 3512XL 3508G XL

The most advanced of these was the 3508G XL, but it did not have routing:

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See also the Command Reference for the 2900XL and 3500XL series, and notice that the only "ip" command is "ip address" with no "ip routing" command:

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The 3550 -does- support routing and a number of other advanced features, but it is not considered to be part of the 3500 series.

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