CPU Specification of Cisco Routeur (3745 - NPE-225)


anyone know where i can get a comparaison of CPU of Cisco Routeur ?

What is the best in cpu: Cisco 3745 or Cisco 7206 with NPE-225

Thanks bye

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Since some platforms have things happen in hardware, raw CPU speed isn't going to tell you anything. Cisco prefers to publish router preformance in packets-per-second of small packet sizes (64 bytes).

A 3745 is listed on the comparison charts as 225-250,000 pps. (115.2 to 128Mbps).

A 7206 w/NPE-225 is listed at 233,170 pps/119.38Mbps for IP CEF, much less for process switching of course.

The NPE-225 is pretty ancient/slow. It should be dirt cheap. A NPE-400 will almost double these pps rates, and is fairly afordable on the used market.

Real world traffic mix will also be higher, this is supposedly the worst case requirements.

So, bottom line on your question?

Use the platform that fits your size, has the feature set you want, and has the interface compatibility that you require, their pps rates are simular enough.

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