Convert unstacked 3750's to stacked

Hi. I currently have 4 sets of stacked 3750's (two switches in each stack) and due to a move in our datacenter, they are now all physically in the same place. I'd like to combine them all into a single 8 switch stack. From the documentation I've been reading, if I take an existing switch as the master and start adding more switches into the stack, the master will overwrite their existing config (port speeds/duplex, VLAN assignments, etc.) If this the case? or will the master detect that "hey, this new switch is already configured, I'll just assign it new port numbers and leave the VLANs and port speed/ duplex settings as is" and just assign them new port #'s and leave everything else alone. We only have a few VLAN's in use, and most ports are at gig/full duplex, so I could just manually re-configure the few ports that are not, but the less downtime the better.

Thanks so much! Josh

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Get a copy of each config of each switch. Select the order in which you will stack them.

The first will be the Master and config will not change.

Open the config for the switch that you add first to the master. Select the config for all of the interfaces.. i.e. FastEthernet 1/0/1 through 1/0/48 and GigabitEthernet 1/0/1 thru 1/0/4. When you add this switch to the stack, all of the interfaces will now be FastEthernet 2/0/1 through 2/0/48 and GigabitEthernet 2/0/1 thru 2/0/4. In a text editer, do a global search and replace of "1/0/" with "2/0/" and then paste this into the config of the master.

The next switch will be the third switch and the interfaces will be FastEthernet 3/0/1 through 3/0/48 and GigabitEthernet 3/0/1 thru 3/0/4. Replace "1/0/" with "3/0/".....

If you screw this up and unstack them, you have the original configs and can back this out successfully.


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OK thanks that was my plan. Was just wondering if there was an easier way to do it.

Thanks again!


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