New Linksys Wireless N router problem with 3 laptops

I just installed a new Linksys Wireles N router. Customer wanted to use no security (3 miles away from next home, 1/2 mile off road). At first all three of his laptops connected fine but then started dropping the connection. 1 laptop is running XP and using the internal card which is not wireless N but it still worked, the other 2 are running Vista and have N cards installed along with the internal cards. Why would the connection drop on all 3? It will reconnect but this up and down nonsence is frustrating. Shoudl I disable the internal cards on the 2 Vista machines? Even so, why would the laptop running XP drop? It's only using 1 card. Also thrown into the mix is Norton Internet Security. I've had many problems in teh past with this but customer has to have it. Please help!!!

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Are all three connections being drop at the very same time? If so, it is possible that the router is booting. May be hardware malfunction.

Have you checked the router lights when connection are dropped? Do they blink distinctively?

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