Cisco PIX 501 - How could I configure a VPN tunnel back to the office

Dear all,

I have a Cisco PIX 501 that I use in the home. I would like to establish a persistent VPN tunnel back into our office. Work gave me was a Cisco VPN client for me to connect to their VPN gateway from my laptop. It works well after I converted it into a VPNC format file.

The example of the VPNC file is:

# cat work.conf IPSec gateway IPSec ID VTL-VPN IPSec secret some-secret-word IKE Authmode psk Xauth username z-kay #Xauth password Domain internetservices Target networks

Does anybody know how I could configure the PIX to establish the tunnel, and route the appropriate networks over it? Perhaps there is a good guide (for dummies) out there?

King regards, z.

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You'll need a static IP and assistance from your network admin. q.v.

formatting link


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Hi Gary,

Thank-you for the URL. I can manage the static address on the ADSL modem.

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