CISCO PIX 501 and DHCP on outside port


I have an interesting problem I would like to solve and I hope someone her can assist me.

I have a CISCO PIX 501 firewall unit. This particular unit supports giving out DHCP leases on its outside (public) port.

I connected a worksation to the outside subnet and was able to recive a public ip address that I defined on the PIX. The problem I ma encountering is that I cannot specify a gateway - it only provides the ip of the PIX for the gateway.

Does anyone know how I can get the correct (different gateway, not the PIX as a gateway) ip address assigned ?



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As far as I know (pretty little and outdated information about PIXes) there is no way to assign a different gateway (sounds logical since if you were to assign a different gateway for the hosts they would not get "firewalled")

You can always proxy the DHCP requests to another DHCP Server.

Regards, Gabriele

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