Cisco 501 PIX port forwarding (outside DHCP)


I am trying to switch from a Cyberguard 570 to a Cisco 501 PIX. The PIX I have read about creating a forwarding rule but they all centered around a static external IP. IE something like this: static (inside,outside) tcp netmask 0 0

however how would I create this rule with a DHCP assigned external IP address?

Also the access-list would need to be created as well from what I understand...would that be something like this?


or in my case specifically

access-list torrents permit tcp

7684 7684

I guess overall my question is how to identify a DHCP assigned external interface IP address in these rules.

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I recommend for PIX questions.

static (inside,outside) tcp interface OUTSIDEPORT INSIDEADDRESS INSIDEPORT netmask 0 0

For outside access to inside,

access-list torrents permit tcp any interface outside eq 7684 access-group torrents in interface outside

You cannot explicitly do so, but you can use the keyword 'interface' in 'static' and the keyword 'interface outside' in ACLs.

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Walter Roberson

Thank you, I will try that this afternoon.

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