Cisco equivalent of HP Secure Management VLAN


Is there an equivalent on Cisco 3750 and 2960 switches to the HP secure management VLAN (on 2600s and up) that restricts the ability to manage the switch to those ports that are on the secure management VLAN



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Cisco has sophisticated Authorization, Authentication and Accounting with RADIUS or TACACS+, where you can not just define WHO can login or configure the switch or router, you can even define which command one or another user can call. And to addition to that, you may create an access-list, where you define which IP addresses allowed to telnet to the switch. For example, if you have 3 IP addresses for your admins, you can configure the switch, that only people from these 3 IP addresses can connect to the switch through TELNET:

access-list 99 permit host access-list 99 permit host access-list 99 permit host

line vty 0 4 access-class 99

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