Filter traffic by MAC Address : Cisco 2960/3750 Switches


Is it possible to configure Cisco 2960/3750 switches to filter traffic based on allowable MAC addresses only?


Let's assume that I have 20 devices with MAC addresses on a 1Gig LAN. And we have a 2960 with 24 ports.

I would like to only allow only those 20 devices, meaning if a user connects a computer, router, switch, or any ethernet device, which I have not allowed the MAC address, it will be denied access to the network. However, any of the 20 allowable devices, can use *any* of the 24 ports, meaning I don't want to associate an allowable MAC address to a physical port on the switch.

Can this be done?

I am just trying to stop users from building out our network without my knowledge? Is there a better way than using MAC addresses?

Russell Mangel Las Vegas, NV

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Russell Mangel
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I would look into VACLs. You could then have a single VACL that has matching MACs, and apply it to the VLAN as a whole rather than each individual port. I think this might accomplish what you are looking for.

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