Cisco ASA qos help

Is there anyone (maybe with a cisco smartnet that can send email to that can answer to my question:

- topology -

2 ASA version 7.2(1) connected to internet each with 5 Mbps of internet bandwidth and established with one another a L2L IPSec VPN tunnel.

- request -

need to configure qos only across this Lan to Lan IPSec tunnel with the following mode: with 5 Mbps total bandwidth need to rate 3,5 Mbps for L2L VPN with a rate limit policy.

In particular need to configure for this IPSec tunnel a policy that set 2 Mbps for the http traffic, 1 Mpbs for the https and 500 kbps for all the other traffic inside the L2L IPSec.

Any configuration example on this would be greatly appreciate.

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