Cisco 5500 ASA Help

I am pretty new to the cisco asa world and I need a little insight on how to configure my ASA.

This is the physical layout

Computer 1-5 ( VPN Concentrator Internet cloud Cisco ASA Computers 6-10 (

What I want to do is setup a site to site vpn between those two networks. Now that step is easy. The challenging part is, lets say I am a computer in the .3 subnet. I only want traffic that is destined for the .2 subnet to go through the vpn tunnel, and all other traffic to go out the local ISP. It's almost like split tunneling.

Now, I think this can be done with configuring static routes, but anyone have any suggestions how this can be done?


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You specify this w/your crypto map. Then you can turn on "reverse route" injection to have it auto build the routes when the tunnel is up.

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Its me Earnest T.

Thanks! I'll give it a try.


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